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Expert SEO Services for Local Business in Barrie

From Copywriting To Backlinks, From Content Creation To The Perfect Keywords, Everything You Need To Grow Your Business Online Presence in Barrie You Can Find Here

High-quality backlinks are like gold for your website's SEO. I'll help you build a robust backlink profile that will boost your website's authority and search engine ranking.

Keywords research

It's all about targeting the right keywords! I'll conduct thorough keyword research to find the best search terms for your business, ensuring that you rank high in Barrie for the most relevant and profitable keywords.

page speed

 A slow website can drive potential customers away. I'll optimize your site to ensure it loads quickly, keeping visitors engaged and improving your search engine ranking in the process.

Write articles

Engaging, relevant, and informative content is essential for SEO success. We'll craft compelling articles that not only rank high in search results but also provide valuable information to your audience, establishing you as a trusted expert in your industry.

google my business

Don't overlook the power of Google My Business! I'll help you set up and optimize your listing, making it easier for Barrie local customers to find you and boosting your online presence.


Understanding how your website is performing is crucial for making informed decisions about your online strategy. I'll set up Google Analytics tracking for your website, providing valuable insights into your visitors' behavior and helping you optimize your site for even better results.

Local SEO Services

For Bold Businesses in Barrie

✅More calls, ✅More customers, ✅More business.

Boost your online presence and attract more customers with strategic local SEO services in Barrie. 

Local SEO Services in Barrie, Ontario - Canada

Increase Organic Traffic


Enhance your online visibility and see organic traffic increase by up to 70% with our expert SEO strategies in Barrie. Get more eyes on your website and convert visitors into customers.

Boost Conversion Rates


With SEO-optimized landing pages and targeted content, experience conversion rate boosts of up to 30%. Turn your website visitors into paying customers with our effective SEO techniques for small businesses in Barrie.​

Improve Local Visibility


Strengthen your local online presence and increase your local search rankings. Our Barrie local SEO strategies can help you appear in the top 3 local search results, driving more foot traffic to your business.

Gain Competitive Advantage


Stay ahead of the competition with our Barrie focused comprehensive SEO services. Businesses using our SEO strategies have seen their search engine rankings improve by up to 50% compared to their competitors.

Increase Return on Investment


Get more value for your investment with our effective SEO strategies services in Barrie. Clients have experienced up to a 40% increase in ROI due to higher traffic and improved conversion rates.

Enhance Brand Recognition


By improving your search engine rankings with our Barrie expert SEO strategies, experience up to 60% increase in brand recognition. Make it easier for potential customers to find and remember your business.


Local SEO In Ontario Canada
Local SEO In Ontario Canada
SEO Services near me

"I created my website to offer my services as an attorney about 3 years ago and it seemed like I was not even on google, no one could find me unless they hunt my site down to the 20th page on google.

8 months ego I found dare a design SEO services online near me and decided to give it a shot, my only thought now is, I can't believe I wasted all this time, I didn't even know a website could do so much for my business like this, the experience with this team was simply LIFE CHANGING, super recommend!"

Delilah Pettersson

average rating is 3 out of 5
SEO Services near me
"After so long trying different things and services and methods, I was already hopeless with my website rankings, I still don't understand how this guys did this, but it took less then 2 months for me to see tremendous improvement, I even got emotional haha, no words to express how grateful I am to have found this team of wizards, no doubt the best SEO services in Barrie"

Nicholas White

average rating is 3 out of 5
SEO Services near me
"When you know what to do, you know what to do, I have been using dare a design services for about 2 years now, they created my website, and still help me with my content and SEO, I can say that this is one of the best investments that I have ever done, and is great to know that I have this wonderful team near me"

alaric  Patel

average rating is 3 out of 5
SEO Services near me
"It worth the investment every single penny, everything I tried before never worked, since I got this services I began to see a huge difference in my website's traffic, the only people that I don't suggest it for are my competitors 😜, dare a design team basically becomes your friends and part of your entire business"

Noemi Gutierrez

average rating is 3 out of 5
SEO Services near me
"I was i tittle skeptical when I signed up for this SEO services, since I've tried so many things before and it never actually made any difference for my business, but I have been using dare a design seo services for almost 6 months now and in the first 30 days I already had more results then years trying to rank at least on page 2, more then happy with their services" 

Beatrix Sanchez

average rating is 3 out of 5
"Not only have great results but I am also learning a lot about SEO with this team, one thing I have to say, you will get a lot more then what you are paying for."

Lewis moore

average rating is 3 out of 5
SEO Services near me
"A lot more then you are paying for, these guys made my dental site rank on the first page for local SEO in less then 2 months, I have been learning a lot with them and already feel a lot happier and less frustrated with my business."   

lucas lopez

average rating is 3 out of 5
SEO Services near me
"I have a house deep cleaning business in Memphis, and honestly since the pandemic, things got so bad that I almost gave up on the business, It was horrible times for me, I got this SEO service from dare a design, and is was shocking and amazing to see after a few days how much business I started to get, it has being better then ever before, thanks very very much my friends." 

Leland Davis

average rating is 3 out of 5

Choose a Plan

Industry Leader Package



Tailored for businesses that are not just playing the game but are set to redefine it. Go big, go bold, and become the benchmark in your industry.

Valid until canceled 

Advanced keyword research

On-page SEO optimization for up to unlimited pages

Advanced off-page SEO services (high-authority link building)

4 Blog post per month + SEO

Copy and content optimization

Local SEO (Google My Business optimization)

Weekly SEO performance report

Competitive analysis and strategy

Priority email, phone and chat support

Market Mover Package



Ideal for businesses that are ready to break boundaries and attract a larger audience.

Valid until canceled 

Advanced keyword research

On-page SEO optimization for up to 30 pages

Off-page SEO services  (link building)

2 Blog post per month + SEO

Copy and content optimization

Local SEO (Google My Business optimization)

Bi-weekly SEO performance report

24/7 Chat support

Local Hero Package



Be the talk of the town and stand out in your local market. Perfect for the budget-conscious business ready to dip their toes into the SEO pool.

Valid until canceled 

Advanced keyword research

On-page SEO optimization for up to 10 pages

Monthly SEO performance report

1 Blog post per month + SEO

Copy and content optimization

Email and phone support

Learn how to do SEO in Barrie With Our Dedicated Posts 

  • SEO is a long-term strategy and results can take time. Typically, you can start seeing initial results within 3-6 months. However, significant improvements often take 6-12 months. Remember, SEO is an ongoing process as search engine algorithms are continually updated.

  • Our SEO packages are designed to cater to different business needs. They range from the "Local Hero Package" for businesses looking to make a mark locally, to the "Industry Leader Package" for businesses that want to dominate their market. Services include keyword research, on-page SEO optimization, off-page SEO activities, performance reporting, and dedicated support.

  • Yes, we understand that every business is unique. If our standard packages don't fit your needs, we'd be happy to create a custom SEO package for you. Please get in touch with us to discuss this further.

  • Local SEO is a strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results on Google. It's crucial for businesses that rely on attracting customers in a specific area or region. With local SEO, you can target potential customers in your area more effectively.

  • We provide regular SEO performance reports to keep you updated on your website's progress. Depending on your chosen package, these could be monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly reports. They include key metrics like your website's search rankings, traffic, and other important indicators.

  • We accept all major credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal. 💳

  • As an ethical SEO company, we don't guarantee #1 rankings. Any SEO company that promises a specific ranking is not being truthful. What we do promise is to use proven strategies and best practices to help improve your website's visibility and rankings.

  • On-page SEO refers to optimizing elements on your website itself, like your content, meta tags, and site architecture. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, involves activities that happen away from your website, like link building and social media marketing. Both are important for improving your search engine rankings.

  • Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. It's important because search engines like Google use links to crawl the web and determine the quality of a page. Websites with more high-quality links are usually deemed more valuable, leading to higher search rankings.

  • Yes, content creation is often a key part of our SEO packages. High-quality, relevant content is crucial for SEO, as it can attract and engage visitors, encourage others to link to your site, and improve rankings.

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