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Editor X to Wix Studio Transition 2024

In October 2023 Wix announced to those who were subscribed to their waiting list that all websites built on Editor X will be automatically migrated to the new Wix Studio.

Editor X, as you may well know, has been the darling of the Wix universe for quite some time. It's a full-on design playground, a no-code platform where creatives could let their imagination run wild and build responsive, professional websites. Editor X was the answer to the modern web designer's prayers, offering advanced design and layouting capabilities, flexible grids, and CSS controls. It's been a fantastic journey so far, but as they say, all good things must evolve!

(Although Wix announced the transition in 2023, the option to migrate Editor X to Wix Studio was only available in March 2024. You can now migrate your Editor X website to Wix Studio by Opening you website's editor and clicking on "Learn More" on the banner displayed on the top of the screen then click on "Next" )

Editor X to Wix Studio Transition 2024


Editor X to Wix Studio Transition 2024

Nothing will be damaged on your website, everything will remain exactly how it is, but the editor will now be Wix Studio, giving you some different layout options, and many other new features that you will be able to apply on your current site.



Introducing Wix Studio 🌟

In 2023 Wix Studio made a grand entrance. Billed as the next-generation no-code platform for web designers and agencies, Wix Studio is not just a step up from Editor X, but a giant leap forward.

Designed to be more intuitive, more powerful, and more flexible, Wix Studio is set to redefine what we can achieve with no-code web design. But what does this mean for Editor X and its faithful users? Well, that's where our story gets interesting!

In October 2023 Wix announced to those who were subscribed to their waiting list that all websites built on Editor X will be automatically migrated to the new Wix Studio.

The Three Musketeers of Wix: The Old Editor, Editor X, and Wix Studio 🏰

In the vast kingdom of Wix, there have been three key players shaping the landscape of no-code web design - the good old Wix Editor, the sophisticated Editor X, and the brand-new Wix Studio. Each has its unique strengths and caters to a specific audience. So, let's take a trip down memory lane and explore each platform in turn.

The Good Old Wix Editor 📜

Ah, the old Wix Editor. It's the platform that started it all, the one that made creating professional-looking websites a breeze, even for those of us who wouldn't know a line of code if it hit us in the face.

The Wix Editor is a drag-and-drop platform that offers a myriad of templates, customizable design elements, and user-friendly tools. It's perfect for individuals, small businesses, and anyone looking to create a stunning website without getting into the nitty-gritty details of web design.

It's important to note that the Wix Editor will remain the same even as Editor X transitions to Wix Studio. So if you've built your website on the Wix Editor, you can continue to enjoy the platform just as you always have.

Editor X: The Sophisticated Middle Child 🎩

Then came Editor X, a platform designed for designers. It brought with it advanced design capabilities, responsive breakpoints, flexible grids, and CSS controls. In other words, it allowed for more complex, custom, and responsive designs without needing to write a single line of code.

Editor X was a step up from the Wix Editor, catering to the needs of web designers and agencies who wanted more control and flexibility in their designs.

Wix Studio: The New Kid on the Block 🚀

Wix Studio It's a next-generation no-code platform that takes the best of Editor X and adds a dash of innovation and a sprinkling of new features. It's designed to be even more intuitive, powerful, and flexible, setting a new standard for no-code web design.

The Transition from Editor X to Wix Studio 🔄

With the introduction of Wix Studio, all websites built in Editor X will be automatically migrated to the new platform. The goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible, with a gradual rollout and plenty of support from the Wix team.

This transition does not affect sites built on the old Wix Editor. Those sites will continue to work as they always have. The Wix Editor will remain as a separate platform, catering to its audience as it has done so far.

Why the Transition? 🤔

As we all know, change is the only constant in the tech world. Wix, being the forward-thinking company that it is, recognizes the need for evolution. With the advent of Wix Studio, the goal is to provide a more robust, efficient, and streamlined experience for web designers and agencies. This transition is not just about introducing a new platform, but about redefining the future of no-code web design.

Think of it like moving from an apartment that you've outgrown into a swanky new penthouse that has everything you could possibly need—and then some. Sure, there may be some nostalgia and a little bit of resistance to the move, but once you settle in and see the view from the top, you'll realize it's all worth it!

I mean, thinks in 2023 are no longer as they were 4 to 5 years ago, we are in the middle of an AI revolution when companies like Wix have a lot of space to innovate and grow, which makes us nerds super excited for what is coming next.

When Can I Migrate My Editor X Sites? 📅

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. When can you migrate your Editor X sites to Wix Studio? Well, the migration process is set to begin in December. It will be a gradual rollout, so don't worry, you won't wake up one day to find your Editor X account gone with the wind. You'll get plenty of heads up and guidance from the Wix team. In the meantime, sit tight, and maybe use this time to explore Wix Studio and get a feel for your new design playground.

Can I Still Build New Sites on Editor X? 🏗️

That's a great question! As of now, you can no longer create new sites on Editor X. And the Wix team recommends starting new projects on Wix Studio. It's like getting a new gadget; you can still use your old one, but wouldn't you rather take the shiny, new one for a spin?

So consider this a friendly nudge to start embracing Wix Studio. After all, once the migration is available to everyone, the option to create new sites on Editor X will be closed.

What Happens to Editor X? 🌅

If Editor X were a movie, this would be the part where the sun starts to set and the credits begin to roll. As the transition process rolls out, Editor X will slowly but surely be phased out. The aim is to have all Editor X sites migrated to Wix Studio in the coming months.

But don't worry, this isn't a hasty goodbye. You'll have plenty of time to prepare, and the Wix team will be there to guide you every step of the way. So while it may be the end of an era, it's also the start of a new, exciting chapter!

The Migration Process 🚚

Now, let's talk about the big 'M' - Migration. The very word might make you want to grab a large tub of ice cream and hide under the covers, but fear not! The transition from Editor X to Wix Studio is designed to be as smooth as possible.

The migration process is set to be a phased one, rolled out gradually to ensure minimal disruption. You'll be notified when it's your turn to make the move, so there'll be no unpleasant surprises. Wix has also promised extensive support and resources to help you along the way, making sure you don't feel like you're being thrown into the deep end.

Once the migration option is available to everyone, the creation of new sites on Editor X will be closed. But don't worry, you'll get plenty of notice before this happens. The goal here is a seamless transition, not a sudden upheaval.

How to Prepare for the Move 🎒

Alright, let's get into the preparation mode. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you're ready for the transition:

  1. Explore Wix Studio: Get a feel of the platform. Familiarize yourself with its features and interface. The earlier you start, the smoother the transition will be.

  2. Plan Your Migration: Make a list of the sites you need to migrate. Prioritize them based on their complexity, traffic, and business criticality.

  3. Backup Your Data: This is always a good practice before any major transition. While Wix is taking measures to ensure a seamless migration, it's always wise to have your data backed up.

  4. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on your inbox for communication from Wix about the migration. Check out resources, tutorials, and webinars that Wix provides.

  5. Seek Help If Needed: If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to the Wix support team. They're there to help you through this transition.

As you make the move from Editor X to Wix Studio, you'll find that the Premium plans on the new platform closely resemble or match those you're familiar with on Editor X. This ensures a frictionless continuation of the features and benefits you've grown accustomed to.

Moreover, if you opt for a Wix Studio plan that's priced lower than your current Editor X plan, don't worry about your remaining balance. Wix has got you covered. Any residual credit from your Editor X plan will be utilized to prolong the duration of your new Wix Studio plan, ensuring you get maximum value for your investment.


Conclusion: Embrace the Future of Web Design with Wix Studio 🚀

As we navigate through the exciting world of no-code web design, the evolution from the old Wix Editor to Editor X, and now to Wix Studio, shows us that change is not just inevitable, but a road to improvement and innovation. Each step in this journey brings us more powerful tools, more intuitive design capabilities, and a platform that's ever more in tune with our needs as web designers, businesses, and creative individuals.

The transition from Editor X to Wix Studio is a significant leap forward, promising a seamless migration and an even more robust and streamlined experience. And remember, for those who've built their websites on the old Wix Editor, your journey continues unaffected, with the reliable platform still at your disposal.


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